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Mergers and acquisitions Steer your M&A growth strategy to success
Merger and acquisition remains a fast but increasingly complex path to growth for many businesses, essential preparation can overcome the challenges.
IFRS Implementation of IFRS 17 ‘Insurance Contracts’
We are pleased to share ‘Implementation of IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts – Consideration for those charged with governance’ which has been issued by the Global
Global mobility services Major changes to reporting international employees working in the Netherlands
From 1 March 2020 all foreign employers, who are located in the EU and Switzerland, will have to report in advance that their staff will work physically in the
IFRS Navigating the changes to IFRS 2020
Navigating the Changes to IFRS provides a high-level summary of recent changes to IFRS that will affect companies' future financial reporting.
Global mobility services Indian Budget: The impacts on employees
On 1 February 2020, the Indian Finance Minster presented several changes to the tax law that impact both internationally mobile employees.
Trade Leadership qualities for going global
Managing growth in new markets? What are the essential qualities required of leaders when going global?
Animation Five years of trade shocks and their impact across the world
Watch our five years of trade shocks and their impact across the world.
Professional Services Navigating the risks of client acceptance
In a time of political and economic uncertainty, people are willing to call out poor conduct more than ever before. For organisations around the globe, this
Cities driving trade Nairobi: Trading at the heart of Africa
Nairobi has a huge amount of appeal for international businesses thanks to its history as a trading centre.